Can Hernia Mesh Lead to Complications?

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Inguinal and Hiatal hernias are among the most common, and about 90% of these hernias see the resolution through hernia mesh. But of the 90% of hernia treatment that uses a hernia mesh, about a third of those surgeries result in complications often because of the product quality, not the doctor’s ability.

Some hernia mesh complications include pain, discomfort, infection, bleeding, new hernias, and even erectile dysfunction. Some years ago, the U.S. FDA issued a massive hernia mesh recall. The cause of the recall was due to dangerous and flawed products that the product manufacturer failed to identify before the products were used.

Why Use Hernia Mesh?

Hernia mesh is the top choice for hernia repair because it allows the doctors to focus on the hernia, the tissue, and causing the least amount of damage to the tissue. Overall it’s an ideal situation for the medical community. That is why about 90% of hernia cases end up using hernia mesh.

Now, because of the large recalls on hernia mesh, the medical community is looking for alternatives and developing hernia mesh revision. Even people who don’t experience any pain may need revision surgery in an effort to ensure that there aren’t hernia mesh complications in the future. The result is that many people have to take more time off work, miss vital life events, and spend more time under the knife because of poor manufacturing processes.

Are there Alternative Solutions?

There are non-mesh repair options; however, it doesn’t always guarantee a long-term result. If the patient continues to do the strenuous lifting, engaging in harsh physical activity, or does not make certain lifestyle changes, then it’s likely the hernia would recur.

The options for alternatives to hernia mesh include pure-tissue repairs through techniques including Shouldice, Bassini, McVay/Cooper’s Ligament, and more. What they do is repair the tissue either through tension repairs or tension-free repairs. There are reduced rates of recurrence, but not as much as hernia mesh. If you know that you’re going to need hernia surgery soon, speak with your doctor and surgeon about the option of a pure-tissue repair if you want to avoid hernia mesh.

Common Hernia Mesh Complications

Perforation, Infection, and Migration

Often the first sign of hernia mesh problems is extreme pain at the site of the hernia mesh. That can change depending on the type and location of the treated hernia. The most common situation is a migration where the mesh has moved to another part, and then the hernia has been permitted to resurface or recur.

Now, migration can lead to organ perforation, and often it comes from poor mesh design, essentially making it impossible for the doctor to properly anchor the mesh. The material of the mesh is not something native to the body, and are most often made of polypropylene, or plastic. The body does not naturally adhere to this plastic, so it’s rather likely to move.

Infection is a huge consequence but is often the result of the surgery and after-care, not the mesh itself. Perforation is what would happen when the mesh itself tears or rips. This could happen because of a weak mesh system, or something going on within your body.

The Risk of Rejection

Rejection is a possibility with hernia mesh, and it’s not a product manufacturer problem. What happens here is that the body has identified the mesh as foreign and begun to attack it. The result is the need for another surgery, and often a pure-tissue repair for the hernia. The body will regularly attack foreign objects in the body, but rejection is not as common as many would initially think. If you experienced the rejection of the hernia mesh, then you likely won’t be able to pursue a lawsuit against the product manufacturer.

Will You Require the Help of a Product Liability Attorney for Hernia Mesh Complications?

Within Boston, many people experience a high volume of adults that have hernia mesh or live through hernia operations. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t people with hernia mesh who have no complications, but when you experience hernia mesh complications, it can lead to serious health problems for the remainder of your life.

At Dalimonte Rueb, our attorneys in Boston have seen numerous cases where people were recovering only to experience a decrease in their health again. Hernia mesh can move, lead to infection, and even experience perforations. The trouble is often that the mesh product was not up to par, or it didn’t meet the standard that both doctors and patients would expect. Contact Dalimonte Rueb for support in your legal battle.

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