Global Settlement on the Horizon for Monsanto RoundUp Litigation

Since last summer, mass tort lawyers all over the country have been eager to see how the RoundUp litigation would play out. There have been a handful of trials where plaintiffs received huge jury awards. Lately, however, it seems like a lot of these trials have been postponed, awaiting settlement talks.

This was the case this week in St. Louis, Missouri. A trial that was supposed to begin on February 5, 2020 has been put off indefinitely. I was initially supposed to start last month but the judge postponed it pending settlement negotiations. Today, the Judge instructed the jury that the trial has been postponed indefinitely.

The rumor is that Bayer is considering a global settlement with the plaintiffs in the Monsanto litigation. There have been more than 10,000 cases filed against Bayer for the alleged cancer-causing weed killer, RoundUp. Most of these cases are still pending trial. And, there are tens of thousands more, just waiting to be filed.

The reports are the Bayer is looking to complete a global settlement of almost all of the pending lawsuits. The amount to be paid is about $10 billion. Since Bayer has already been handed down close to $3 billion in judgments, this amount seems quite low. However, for the plaintiffs who are suffering, it is good to see that a settlement is likely on the horizon.

As part of the settlement, plaintiff’s attorneys will be prohibited from advertising for new clients.

The settlement appears to be agreed to by all by two law firms: Miller Firm in Virginia and Weitz and Luxenberg in New York. Negotiations with these firms is still ongoing and is expected to result in a solution.

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