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Contact Rueb Stoller Daniel at (833) 44-DRLAW now if you used a hair straightener product in the past and later received a uterine cancer diagnosis. There may be a direct link, and you may be owed compensation by the manufacturers of these products that failed to warn consumers of the potential risks and dangers.

Remember, the more victims come out with their stories and file hair straightener lawsuits against these companies, the higher the chances of everybody winning.


Emerging information reveals that the chemicals used in these products can be harmful, especially when you are repeatedly exposed to them. Now, many individuals from across the country are looking to pursue legal action against the companies that make these products.

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It is estimated that people who have used a hair relaxer or straightener more than 4 times in the last 12 months are over 150% more likely to be diagnosed with uterine cancer in the future, compared to those who have never used similar products. These findings are worrisome because consumers should never have to worry about the safety of products available on the market.

Any manufacturer of hair straightener products is a potential defendant in this kind of lawsuit. The chemicals used in the product will have to be correlated with the existing cancer studies to establish the proper defendants for each case.

If you or someone you know has cancer or any other illness that may have been caused by one of these products, please contact our law firm today to get the legal assistance you need. The more people come out with similar stories, the stronger each potential lawsuit will be, and the higher the chances the responsible companies will be forced to pay compensation to victims.

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