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The Emergence of IVC Filter Lawsuits in Los Angeles, California

Inferior vena cava filters (IVC Filter) are medical devices implanted in people prior to surgery. They’re supposed to prevent people from suffering from deadly blood clots or embolisms during surgery. They were thought to be a life-saver when they first came on the market. The way the IVR filters work is the metal filters on the device catch the clot and hold it in place until it is totally dissolved. This way, there won’t be any clotting or possible embolism. The biggest manufacturer of the IVC filter is a company named Bard. Two of the filters they make are called Recovery and G2. The problem is that these devices seem to have been defective. Once they were implanted in the patient’s body, they started to suffer complications. The thing about IVR filters is that they’re temporary. They aren’t meant to stay in the body longer than necessary. In fact, as soon as the danger of clotting is gone, the device is supposed to be removed from the body.

What was the Problem with IVR Filters in Los Angeles?

When Bard initially got FDA approval for their device, they used a shortcut. This is something available to companies who are marketing products that are very similar to other products with FDA approval. The idea is that, since the FDA did a ton of research on the original product, anything substantially similar to the product gets shortcut approval. Almost ten years ago, the FDA started getting a lot of complaints about IVR filters in general. Some of these complaints were:
  • Pieces break off from the device and travel through the patient’s body
  • The entire device would come unhinged and travel through the body
  • The device somehow cuts or tears parts of the patient’s insides
The FDA made it clear that the product was having issues and even sent notices to doctors. They also made it clear that Bard was supposed to warn their customers of these issues. Bard never did that. Some of the issues that these defective devices caused by patients included:
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Venous wall puncture
  • Thrombosis
  • Inability to remove the device
Patients who had the IVR filters implanted in their bodies started complaining of pain and complications. They decided it was time to take legal action. Given the number of potential plaintiffs, the cases would be filed as a class action. These cases would be handled by mass tort lawyers in Los Angeles and around the country.

Where did the IVR Filter Lawsuits Originate?

The first IVR Filter lawsuit was filed in 2015. It was filed by a person who had to get open-heart surgery because of damage caused by the filter. The plaintiff had such a strong case it settled in less than ten days. More and more complaints began to come in regarding an IVC filter. Aside from surgeries, some of the injuries caused by the IVR filters include:
  • Severe pain
  • Blood clots
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Heart failure
  • Death
If you’ve been the victim of a defective IVR filter, you need to contact a mass tort lawyer in Los Angeles, California. An experienced mass tort lawyer will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

What Damages do IVR Filter Plaintiffs in California Deserve?

Depending on the severity of the injuries, plaintiffs sued for different amounts of damages. Some of the damages owed to IVC Filter plaintiffs involve:
  • Pain and suffering – Pain and suffering sometimes make up as much or more of a jury award than the rest combined. Juries (and judges) are sympathetic to plaintiffs who went through a lot of suffering as a result of their injuries. You can imagine the pain involved in something like a defective IVR filter. For example., what if you go to the hospital for a simple surgery and end up with a defective filter? You could have to get open-heart surgery just to repair the damage caused by the filter. This could be more risky and painful than the original surgery.
  • Lost Wages– If you suffer from a defective IVR filter, chances are you’ll miss a significant amount of time from work. You could be out for weeks or months. Your Los Angeles mass tort lawyer will submit evidence of how much time and income you lost.
  • Medical Bills – The number of medical bills you’ll experience as a result of a defective filter could be very high. You may need to have a second surgery to repair the damage caused by the filter. You may experience a serious infection that requires hospitalization and expensive medications. You have a right to be reimbursed for all of this.
Anyone who has suffered actual injuries from a defective IVR filter has the right to file suit. Depending on when you file, your case may be part of a class action. It’s important that you trust in an experienced mass torts attorney to handle your claim.

Contact a Mass Tort Lawyer in Los Angeles, California

If you or a family member have been injured by a defective IVC Filter, you need to contact a mass tort lawyer in Los Angeles, California. Your attorney can review your case and see if you qualify for a mass tort claim against the manufacturer. There have already been a number of IVC Filter cases filed. Some have settled and others are still pending. The cases rely on two things: the actual damages caused by the defective filters and the fact that the manufacturer chose to not warn their customers. The failure to warn is a big part of the lawsuit. Call and schedule your initial consultation with a Los Angeles mass tort lawyer today. You can sit with a skilled attorney and tell him your story. He will let you know if you have a legitimate case against the manufacturer or doctors. He’ll also let you know what your case may be worth. The initial consultation is free and you pay nothing until you settle your claim. You need to focus on getting well. Let your mass tort lawyer handle the legal side of things.

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