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How do I File a Talcum Powder Lawsuit for My Ovarian Cancer?

For decades, people have used talcum powder. Women, especially, have used it for grooming. As soon as they get out of the shower, they douse themselves in the stuff to keep them dry and fresh. Whether it’s baby powder or a product like Johnson and Johnson’s Shower to Shower, a lot of women use it daily for years.  Many of these women have developed ovarian cancer.

Talcum powder has been advertised to be used in women’s private areas to keep them fresh. In fact, many women use powder on their feminine areas every day to keep them fresh. Why wouldn’t they? They have no reason to think it can harm them. This is especially true given that the company that makes the powder has given them no reason to think it’s dangerous.

The problem is companies like Johnson and Johnson knew their talcum powder was dangerous. They just chose not to tell their customers. This is why they now find themselves named as defendants in one of the largest mass tort cases in the past fifty years.

There’s evidence that talcum powder actually causes ovarian cancer. Plaintiffs all over the world are now filing lawsuits against Johnson and Johnson and other major manufacturers of talcum powder.

If you live in California and believe talcum powder may have caused your ovarian cancer, you need to contact a mass tort attorney in Los Angeles right away.


What is the Basis for the Talcum Powder Lawsuits in California?

There are two reasons why people are suing companies in talcum powder lawsuits. One, the product does cause ovarian cancer in women who have used it for years. Second, the companies who make the powder were aware of this risk and didn’t disclose it. This is known as a failure to warn.

It’s bad enough that people are getting sick – even dying – from this product. But, when you consider that the manufacturers knew this, it’s unbelievable. Sadly, this happens a lot. When a company learns that their products may be harmful, they have to make a decision. Do they let their customers know or hope that only a handful of their customers get sick?

If a company decides that they’ll make more money by not warning their customers, they may decide to keep their mouths shut. Even when they know people are dying from their powder, if it’s more profitable to keep the product on the market, that’s what most companies will do.

For example, Johnson and Johnson knew their baby powder and Shower to Shower could cause ovarian cancer. Let’s say they knew they would pay out $3 billion in ovarian cancer lawsuits. If that amount is less than the money they’d make by selling their products, they may decide to not warn their customers.


Los Angeles Mass Tort Lawyers Now Understand Why Talcum Powder Causes Cancer


One of the reasons mass tort cases are difficult is because it’s really hard to prove causation. Most of the evidence will be in the form of medical reports and scientific research. These issues are usually very complex and sometimes confusing. Plus, it’s usually impossible to prove an actual causation.

There are two ways to prove causation. You can show that the product directly caused your injuries. For example, you used a defective weed whacker and it chopped off your limb. There is no question that the tool is what led to your injuries.

The second type of causation is proximate or legal causation. This means that, but for the dangerous product, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt. So, in the talcum powder cases, you have to show that, had you not used their powder for years, you wouldn’t have gotten ovarian cancer.

Studies show that the talc in the powder itself causes inflammation. This inflammation can cause cancer. So, it’s not that the powder itself has carcinogens in it. It’s more the impact the powder has on the female body that leads scientists to confirm it’s dangerous.


Mass Tort Lawyers in Los Angeles Can Get You Compensation

Plaintiffs in the talcum powder cases, so far, have been entitled to large amounts of compensation. One reason for this is that, unlike breast cancer, there is no screen for ovarian cancer. By the time you’re diagnosed, you’ve probably reached stage 3 or 4. This means your chances for survival decrease.

Your mass tort attorney in Los Angeles will demand the following:

  • Medical bills – Any costs associated with the treatment of your ovarian cancer. This includes current and future medical bills.
  • Lost wages – If you miss time from work, or become permanently disabled as a result of your cancer, you are entitled to compensation.
  • Pain and Suffering – A bulk of your settlement will be due to your pain and suffering. Cancer can be a devastating illness. You will be sick for quite some time. You may not survive. The pain and suffering are tremendous.

Your mass tort lawyer will work hard to get you every penny you deserve.


Contact a Mass Tort Lawyer in California Today

If you or a family member have developed ovarian cancer due to talcum powder, contact a mass tort lawyer in California today. You only have so much time to file your suit. You want to make sure you’re added to any strong class action lawsuits.


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