What’s the Difference Between Talc and Asbestos?

A closeup shot of a woman applying talcum powder to her hands from a white bottle.

Talc is sometimes confused with asbestos, because of how they look. Asbestos and companies that manufacture asbestos products have been the subject of numerous mass tort suits for many years. That’s because mass tort lawyers and their clients have noticed life-threatening side-effects from the prolonged use of asbestos. As such, they’re claiming compensation for their […]

Mesothelioma Worker’s Compensation in Washington DC

doctor looking at lung xray

Extended exposure to asbestos is well-known as extremely dangerous to your health. Many people who were exposed to asbestos got mesothelioma diagnosis. Often these people got this evil disease while working in places where asbestos was used (construction workers, for example). Being diagnosed with this illness due to asbestos exposure is a reason good enough […]