3D Printed Biomesh Reduces Complications in Hernia Mesh Surgeries

3D Printed Biomesh Reduces

Breakthrough in the medical science field continues to bring hope to millions worldwide. This time, it concerns hernia mesh, the equipment used in treating hernias, a soft tissue injury. A report published by Baylor College of Medicine disclosed that 3D printed Biomesh worked effectively to minimize post-surgical complications. 

Currently, available mesh products are potentially dangerous with post-surgical complications. The problem usually starts three days after the surgery, and it can be inflated and affect other near organs. Dr. Crystal Shin with BMC said she and her team decided to find a solution to these complications. 

The assistant professor of surgery noted that mesh implants fail because they promote adhesion of the intestine, liver, and other visceral organs to the equipment. The more the adhesion grows, the more the mesh shrinks and hardens. It potentially causes chronic pain, bowel obstruction, and bleeding. 

Shin said that to address the complications, they developed a non-pharmacological approach by designing a novel mesh. In addition to providing mechanical support to the injured site, the new product will act as an inflammation-modulating system. 

The researchers hypothesized that a biomesh with a negative surface charge should capture positively charged cytokines. The latter are inflammatory mediators that appear at the mesh’s implanted position days after the surgery. 

To test the idea, Shin and her colleagues used a 3-D bioprinter to fabricate a Biomesh of a polymer called phosphate linked poly (vinyl alcohol) polymer (X-PVA). Once they confirmed its effectiveness against cytokines, the researchers tested the Biomesh in a hernia repair rat model. 

The 3D printed Biomesh worked, leading to the conclusion mentioned earlier. Dr. Francis C. Usher said they’ve created a next-generation mesh that does not only provide mechanical support. It plays a physiological role in reducing the inflammatory response that causes significant clinical problems. 

If you have been injured by a defective mesh medical device, you need to contact a mass tort attorney.

Source: https://www.bcm.edu/news/3-d-printed-biomesh-minimizes-hernia-repair-complications

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