Bayer Considering $10-Billion Settlement in RoundUp Litigation

Bayer Considering $10-Billion Settlement in RoundUp Litigation

For almost two years, plaintiffs in the RoundUp litigation have been waiting to see how their cases would play out. More than 50,000 plaintiffs have filed suit against Bayer. They claim that RoundUp, the weed killer sold by Monsanto, causes cancer. They argue that the main ingredient, glysophate, is a cancer-causing agent.

While Bayer adamantly denies that their product causes cancer, they are looking to settle the current cases quickly. On March 5, the judge in the California case granted a 35-day extension so the parties could reach a settlement. Sources say the settlement figure is set to be around $10 billion.

Bayer is hoping to settle the case before their shareholder’s meeting in April. The timing will be perfect as the next court date is scheduled for the second week in April.

Some of the larger firms involved in the settlement negotiations include the following:

  • Andrus Wagstaff, PC
  • Baum, Hedlund, Aristei and Goldman, PC
  • Moore Law Group, PLLC
  • Weitz and Luxenberg, PC
  • Miller Firm, PC
  • Lundy, Ludy, Soileau and South, LLP

One of the big holdouts at this time is the Onder Law Firm. Senior Partner, Jim Onder, said that he has 22,000 clients involved in the litigation. He said he doesn’t feel Bayer is offering terms that he can accept on behalf of his client.

People involved in the case say that, while this isn’t a done deal, they are cautiously optimistic. The court appointed mediator, Kenneth Feinberg, stated that he believes the settlement talks may be fruitful. However, he cautioned that there is no deal signed as of yet.

If your loved one used RoundUp and was diagnosed with cancer, call our roundup lawyers. You may have a claim for damages.


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