Bayer Finally Reaches Settlement in Roundup Litigation


Over two years ago, Bayer purchased a company named Monsanto for $63 billion. At the time, they had no idea what a headache they would endure with the Roundup litigation. They watched not one, but three cases go to jury. Each returned with a verdict of more than $200 million. With over 125,000 cases filed against the pesticide giant, a settlement seemed inevitable.

While not all of the plaintiffs’ attorneys have signed off on this recent proposed settlement, it looks like more than three-quarters of the cases will be included. They are simply waiting on Judge Vince Chhabria to sign off on the deal.

The settlement calls for close to $11 billion in damages to be paid out over the course of a few years. $5 billion would be paid to plaintiffs by the end of this year. Another $5 billion would be paid out in 2021. And a little over a billion dollars will be set aside to handle any future cases. This was the one sticking point for Bayer. They don’t want to pay out a ton of money in settlements now only to be hit with another 100,000 lawsuits a year from now.

There are some law firms that have not agreed to the terms of this settlement. However, experts believe that these remaining cases will be settled in the near future. Bayer has seen their stock drop constantly since buying the company two years ago. They want to put this litigation behind them. However, the plaintiffs’ attorneys in this case are not going to go away quietly.

If you or your loved one are suffering from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and believe Roundup is at fault, you need to call our office right away. The window to pursue your claim is quickly closing.


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