Bayer Is In Talks About Settling Its Lawsuits

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Bayer has been engaging in talks about potentially settling thousands of lawsuits that have been brought against them by Americans. The lawsuits are claiming that their product Roundup leads to cancer. However, there are a few legal experts who say that some of the cases involved may prevent a  quick and easy settlement from taking place.

As of now, there are over 18,000 lawsuits lodged against the company. They are claiming that the weed killer causes a certain type of cancer. That cancer is non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

To date, Bayer has lost three trials by jury. Bayer is currently appealing those verdicts. They claim that its product is safe for human use and that its main ingredient, glyphosate, does not cause cancer.

In the summer, Bayer said they were in talks with Ken Feinberg, who is a mediator. The chief executive of Bayer said he would consider a settlement that is considered financially reasonably. However, he added that all litigation would be ended if that happened.

As of now, no details about compensation has been talked about. The talks are still in the early stages. Furthermore, Bayer has not publicly commented because they are bound to agreements in regards to the discussion.

There are a number of obstacles, with legal experts pointing out that settlements that typically involve consumer goods, drugs or medical devices often result in warning labels being added. Other results in such cases may include a recall of products. Such results usually shuts the doors to any future lawsuits.

Bayer has never considered, at least publicly, taking Roundup off of shelves. They did say they would create an alternative to the active ingredient. They mentioned they would invest over $5.1 billion into creating one, but as of now nobody knows where such an alternative will come to the market.

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