Courts Re-Open Johnson and Johnson Lawsuits

talcum powder

Only a few months ago, the court system widely acknowledged that they would close out any Johnson & Johnson baby powder lawsuit. This was partly in response to Johnson & Johnson finally pulling the product from its line, and partially as a result of multiple lost lawsuits, the company was expected to settle the remaining cases. Now, in August of 2020, it seems that that is no longer the case.

New Jersey state appealed the Court’s decision and decided to revive to lawsuits that centered around baby powder causing cancer. With New Jersey taking the lead, it’s possible that courts could reinstate over a thousand open lawsuits. But it is a superior court acknowledged on August 7th that at least one trial judge had some expert testimony. There are currently about 1,000 cancer cases with open lawsuits filed in New Jersey relating to ovarian cancer and the connection to Johnson and Johnson baby powder.

Johnson & Johnson may have made the decision to pull the product of far too late. Although the product is off the shelves in both the United States and Canada, the number of cases continues to rise. Over the course of 2020, open cases against Johnson & Johnson in relation to their baby powder product have increased by 15%. There are now over 20,000 lawsuits relating to the talc product. Some claim that the talc product causes cancer directly, and others allege that it is the asbestos contamination that naturally occurs in talc.

A similarly famous company Imerys Talc America, a provider of mined talc for Johnson and Johnson baby powder, is offering to settle over 14,000 lawsuits currently open against the unit The source for Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder filed for bankruptcy protection and plans to sell itself to cover the settlements. Contact our experienced mass tort attorneys for more information.


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