Dangerous Toy Deaths on the Decline but Parents Still Need to be Careful

Dangerous Toy Deaths on the Decline but Parents Still Need to be Careful

One thing you always see around this time of year is information on what children’s toys are most harmful. For example, it may seem like common sense to keep toys with small parts away from small children. Yet dozens of kids are killed every year after choking on one of the small toys. This is why the Empire State Consumer Project spends the year investigating toys and other products to let people know what to look out for.

This year, the good news is that there are fewer children dying per year from dangerous toys than there were three years ago. Consumer advocates hope this trend continues. However, there are some toys and other everyday products that are listed as most dangerous. For example, people don’t realize that the colored party plates they buy for their holiday parties actually contain lead. And paper straws tend to contain acetone, the main ingredient in nail polish remover.

Some of the other products that they warn us to look out for include:

  • Metal and painted toys from China
  • Whistles
  • Body products and perfume that may contain dangerous chemicals
  • toys with small parts
  • metal jewelry

The hope is that, if people are aware of the dangers, they can keep themselves and their families safe. But you also need to read the warnings on toys and other products. For example, manufacturers are now required to put warnings on balloons. They have always presented a hazard but are now required to be labeled as such.

If you or your child are harmed by any toy or product, call our office. We can look to see if you have a potential claim against the manufacturer or distributor.

Source: https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/rochester/news/2019/11/14/consumer-group-releases-dangerous-toys-list

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