Dismissal in a Handful of Taxotere Hair Loss Cases

Taxotere Hair Loss Cases

Louisiana is among the states with numerous Taxotere hair loss cases. Unfortunately for the victims of this pharmaceutical disaster, the manufacturer, Sanofi-Aventis, has won a dismissal. These cases have gone to court before, so many are hurt and confused as to why these particular cases received a dismissal. These patients can move forward and attempt to connect with cases from other states.

Just in the section of the Eastern District of Louisiana, there are over 12,000 potential lawsuits. People within the state can only file if they experienced permanent alopecia, or hair loss, from taking the drug prior to 2006. The victims impacted in this dismissal total about 200 people. And the justification from the court for the dismissal is that following a chance in advertising structure in 2015, the victims had every opportunity to become aware of the warnings on the label. So what else is happening with the Taxotere lawsuits?

Throughout the country, the Court system is looking for ways to use one massive tort trial for Taxotere. In the efforts to accomplish that, they’re looking at individual cases for possible review and Bellewether trials. Those are put into place to identify the examples of what evidence is available and what might for in court for people that move forward with their lawsuits. The trial that was dismissed in Louisiana was one such Bellewether trial, where the court had reviewed the potential for Elizabeth Kahn, and she was denied motions. The others affected through this dismissal would have benefited from the Bellewether trial in one way or another.

For many victims, this process of filing a lawsuit and waiting adds salt to the wound. The by-and-large argument is that the victims weren’t made fully aware of the potential for permanent hair loss. Sanofi argues that the warning label clearly states the possibility of hair loss. It’s become a game of nuances.

If you or a loved one have suffered hair loss due to Taxotere, contact our law office today.

Source: https://news.bloomberglaw.com/product-liability-and-toxics-law/sanofi-beats-taxotere-claims-over-post-2015-hair-loss-warnings

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