Exposure To Toxic Gas A Risk In GA Neighborhood

Exposure To Toxic Gas A Risk In GA Neighborhood

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division has released a troubling study involving the presence of cancerous airborne toxins in Westchase. The agency believes the Sterilization Services of Georgia is using an excessive amount of ethylene oxide gas, which is now spreading into the air. Based on the current data, the average concentration of ethylene oxide gas is higher in Westchase than in any other part of Atlanta.

What is the reason for this concern?

Researchers believe it has a lot to do with the underlying vent controls used by the Sterilization Services of Georgia. They don’t have the necessary precautions in place to handle this toxic gas. As a result, it’s leading to a situation where there’s an added risk for those residing in Westchase.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has allowed companies to avoid pollution controls for their back vents. Due to this, the vents tend to go under the radar because the laws allow for that to occur.

What do lawmakers have to say?

There has been an increase in focus by local lawmakers hoping to take action right away. Many are stating it’s time to consider shutting down companies that are releasing these gases into the air until the necessary controls are implemented. This may include moving forward with key legislation to help kickstart the process.

Ethylene oxide is well-noted for having cancerous properties and can do a tremendous amount of damage when spread into the air. It is often seen acting as a cause for breast and/or blood cancers.

While this particular study was focused on the industrial complex alongside the Chattahoochee River, there has been an added effort to track toxic emissions across the state. However, there are noticeable gaps in what’s being done while completing air toxic assessments. Additional tests are being run to see whether a modeling system can be used to track emission rates to run comparisons.

As more time is spent on this subject, it’s becoming apparent there’s a real concern with how much ethylene oxide is spreading throughout the neighborhood. The data is starting to show this is becoming a widespread problem in the area and has impacted approximately three residential areas in Westchase including the Panther Riverside Parc Apartments and Tributary in Lithia Springs.

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SOURCE ARTICLE: https://www.webmd.com/cancer/news/20200109/another-ga-neighborhood-at-risk-from-toxic-gas

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