Fayette County School District in Kentucky Decides to Join Class Action Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers

Class Action Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers

Fayette County is the latest school district to join the class action lawsuit against opioid manufacturers.

Over the last ten to fifteen years, the nation has seen a rise in the number of opioid related deaths. In addition, families have been ravaged by opioid addiction. Adults and young people are overdosing right and left. Hospitals and drug rehabilitation centers are seeing thousands of people suffering from opioid addiction. The crisis has reached the point of an epidemic.

As a result, dozens of groups and agencies are filing lawsuits against the major manufacturers, distributors and marketers of these pain medications. Hospitals have filed suit as have towns and municipalities. We have also seen school districts across the country take legal action.

Superintendent Manny Caulk stated this week that the Fayette County School Board in Kentucky unanimously voted to join the Multi-District Litigation.

The lawsuit cites damages resulting from the costs associated from the Board’s spending public monies to help teachers, staff and students dealing with opioid addiction. They confirmed that the School Board will not have to spend any money to file the suit other than the man hours needed to help gather the evidence necessary to prove their case.

The Board published a copy of their resolution this week listing the law firms that they’ve hired to handle their case. The document also outlines their cause of action and asserts the damages demanded in their suit. They have joined the class action and fully intend to cooperate in the prosecution of their case.

They have also decided to take part in the bankruptcy cases that have been filed by some of the defendants named in the suit.

If you feel your family has been injured as a result of the opioid epidemic in this country, call our office and speak to one of our expert mass tort attorneys.

Source: https://www.wtvq.com/2020/04/27/fayette-county-board-education-votes-part-opioid-lawsuit/

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