How Dangerous is the Polaris RZR?

How Dangerous is the Polaris RZR

For more than ten years, the Polaris RZR has been one of the most popular selling off-road vehicles. People of all ages buy the vehicle to go adventure and thrill seeking. What they don’t expect is to get hurt or even die as a result of their adventure. Sadly, this is exactly what happened to Steven Groves this past year.

Like so many other people, James Bingham picked up his buddy to go off-roading this past summer. They hopped into his RZR and prepared for a day of fun and adventure. Unfortunately, within minutes of starting their trip, they noticed flames coming from the underbelly of the vehicle.

The Polaris RZR they were driving had caught fire. Bingham was lucky. Whil he did suffer severe burns, he managed to get out of the vehicle. His friend, sadly, was not so lucky. He was trapped in the protective seatbelts and was not able to get out of the vehicle. He burned to death while his friend watched.

Bingham isn’t alone. 4 people have died and more than 30 others have been injured while riding their Polaris RZR. All of these injuries have been caused by fires. From 2013 until 2018, there were more than 10 recalls issued for fire dangerous. However, the company insists their product is still safe. Dozens of people disagree. This is why there is a class action pending against the manufacturer. Plaintiffs contend that the manufacturer is aware of the danger and continue to cover it up.

If you or your loved one have gotten hurt or killed while riding their Polaris RZR, contact our office right away. Time to file your injury claim may be running out. You don’t want to miss your opportunity to get the damages you deserve.


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