Human Trials for HIV Vaccine Created With mRNA Technology Set to Begin

hiv vaccine

Since the world discovered HIV, they have been racing to find a cure for it. In the past ten decades, there have been significant advances in the treatment of the virus. This came in the creation of once-daily dosage treatments and long-acting injectables known as pre and post-exposure prophylaxis.

However, finding a successful HIV vaccine has been difficult. During the last week of August, the National Institute of Health revealed that a vaccine candidate to produce non-neutralizing antibodies failed to create sufficient protection in women.

Mark Feinberg, the MD, President, and CEO of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI), said that the difficulty in creating an effective HIV vaccine has to do with tested candidates failing to produce broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs). The latter are antibodies produced by the host immune system and can block HIV in targeted cells.

Despite this setback, there seems to be new hope for those patiently waiting for an HIV vaccine. IAVI, Scripps Research, Moderna, and other partners are about to begin the first phase of a human clinical study. The research will assess the ability of two vaccine candidates, mRNA 1644 and mRNA 1644v2, to generate broadly neutralizing antibodies in healthy adults safely. The study will begin recruiting participants in the third week of September.

While the quest for an HIV cure continues, PrEP drugs like Truvada remain the best choice for those who want to stay safe from the virus. However, Truvada is not without harmful side effects, which have given rise to several lawsuits against its manufacturer across the United States.

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