The Internet Is Not the Best Source for Hernia Mesh Information, New Study Shows

Hernia Mesh Information

The internet is a friend and home to many. There are several helpful and useful pieces of information on the web. But is it the right source to get detailed and unbiased hernia mesh information? A new study disagrees. 

In a report published on Sunday, February 7th, by Mathew P. Miller and Jeffery A. Blatnik, they noted the popularity of hernia mesh. The researchers disclosed that the surgical tool became a topic in mainstream media because of the several lawsuits it faces and recalls. 

Patients often read potentially biased information on the internet, and it affects their healthcare decisions. To show them the light, Miller and Blatnik studied three search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They evaluated the website contents from the first two for comprehensiveness. 

The researchers found that the largest category of websites writing about hernia mesh is law firms. They are mostly legal advertisements and account for 20% of all results. It also includes their blogs and forum pages. 

Miller and Blatnik reported that the contents of these blogs and adverts focused on surgical risks, complications, and benefits. While the two felt the contents were skewed, they acknowledged that 44% of websites use references, while 50% cited supporting data. 

The report concluded that the results emphasized the challenges of using the internet to source hernia mesh information. Miller and Blatnik note that there is no comprehensive data on internet search engines. Thus, doctors must direct their patients to specific websites to mitigate the biased information they consume. 

This report’s findings do not take away the fact that there are several complications to a hernia mesh surgery. Mix that with medical negligence, and a victim can sue for damages. To find out more on a victim’s right, contact a mass tort attorney right away. 

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