IVC Filter Placement Among PERT Patients Associated with VTE Severity, Elevated Bleeding Risk

ivc filter placement

The use of inferior vena cava (IVC) filters remains a controversial issue in the medical community, with many arguing for and against it. A recent study showed that IVC filter placement among pulmonary embolism response team (PERT) patients could increase VTE severity and elevated bleeding risk. The study analyzed patient’s factors connected with the clinical decision to place IVC filters in PERT patients. 

According to Elizabeth Weng, they collected data on all the people with a PERT activation in Massachusetts General Hospital from October 1st, 2012, to January 29th, 2019. The patients’ information covered demographics, medical history, pulmonary embolism (PE) features, and treatment. 

Weng said the data covered from when the patients activated PERT and how they fared for at least a year after they deactivated. They performed univariate and multivariable regression analyses to determine the factors associated with IVC filter placement.

Out of 834 patients identified by the research team, about 10.9% (91 people) had the IVC filter placed within the first seven days of PERT activation. More males of the average age of 65 received the filter than women. 

Weng said that most PERT patients came from intensive care units of hospitals rather than the emergency department. Additionally, those hospitalized recently, or had recent trauma, brain surgery, or other invasive procedures, or intracranial hemorrhage, were more likely to get the filter than those without those factors. 

The researchers also found that the PERT patients with IVC filters were more likely to have a right heart dysfunction on CTA compared to those without the filter. Thus, they concluded that placing IVC filters on PERT patients is more harmful to them and should be dissuaded. 

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