IVC Filter Retrieval Rate Improves Using Active Strategy VTE-CT

IVC Filter Retrieval

A recent study of inferior vena cava (IVC) filters using active strategy VTE-CT-based filter removal showed an improved rate in successfully removing IVC filters. According to a PubMed publication, researchers assessed the safety and retrieval of a predischarge IVC filter retrieval strategy based on contrast computed tomography (CT).

The publication disclosed that researchers studied IVC filter insertion from 2010 to 2018. The researchers looked into the early evaluation of venous thrombosis (VTE) status and retrieval of filters before discharge from the hospital. 

A multidisciplinary team then evaluated the possibility of early IVC filter retrieval using pre-filter VTE-CT findings. It noted the retrieval rate, indwelling time, and the recurrence of venous thromboembolic events. The researchers compared all three results before and after using the filter retrieval set-up. 

The result showed that out of the 177 IVC filters inserted in trauma patients, those who underwent pre-filter retrieval VTE-CT had their VTE completely resolved. This made up about 61% of the patients. 33% had partial improvement, 5% experienced zero change, and 3% had their condition aggravated. 

The overall retrieval rate was 84% spanning 32 days of indwelling time. A sub-group analysis showed 53% underwent filter retrieval with the before strategy (BS) set up and 47% with the after strategy (AS) setup. The retrieval rate was significantly higher in the AS group. However, no patient had recurrent VTE during the follow-up period. 

The result led the researchers to conclude that the active strategy of VTE-CT-based filter retrieval, while patients are in the hospital, led to an improved IVC filter retrieval rate. The number went from 72% to 99%, and there was no evidence of a recurrence of VTE. Lastly, they noted that in the future, scientists should study hazards of low retrieval rates versus CT-based related radiation exposure. 

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