Johnson and Johnson to Pay Out $100 Million in Baby Powder Cancer Case


The well-covered issue of Johnson and Johnsons’ cancer-causing Baby Powder is finally ending. It appears this final payout of $100 million will close out over 1,000 open Baby Powder cancer lawsuits against the pharmaceutical giant. The fact that Baby Powder causes cancer has surfaced many times in different court cases, and during these evaluations Johnson and Johnson have lost repeatedly. 

The cancer-causing element is not the only ingredient in Baby Powder, Talc, but instead the naturally occurring asbestos which is near the talc. Bloomberg and Forbes both reported on October 5th that the settlement is the first to come in over four years and is a result of  the nearly 20,000 lawsuits. 

In addition to this payout, which may be the last, is a massive recall. In October 2019, Johnson and Johnson recalled over 30,000 bottles of Baby Powder. The company maintains that the formula and the ingredients do not contain asbestos but are making changes and settling cases to reduce the financial strain of litigation against the company. 

In May 2019, the pharmaceutical company stopped selling their famous Baby Powder in the United States and Canada. However, even among these changes, and the recent settlement announcement Johnson and Johnson continues to claim that the changes are “due in large part to changes in consumer habits and fueled by misinformation.” The group has begun selling another baby powder, which uses corn starch, another natural anti-chafe option for babies. 

Johnson and Johnson have also been careful to acknowledge that the powder is only meant for babies, not for adults. It is mostly adults affected by cancer developed through long-term use of Baby Powder. However, this monumental change in the handling of the case comes as the first time that the company has settled the majority of their outstanding contamination suits.

For more information about the case, contact our experienced mass tort attorneys right away.

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