Johnson and Johnson Hit With $37.3 Million Verdict in New Jersey

Johnson and Johnson Hit With $37.3 Million Verdict in New Jersey

Johnson and Johnson have been named in thousands of lawsuits due to claims that their baby powder causes cancer. There have been lawsuits filed all over the country by women who claim the asbestos in J & J talcum powder caused their cancer. Johnson and Johnson hit with $37.3 million verdict in New Jersey.

Last week, a Middlesex County jury agreed and awarded a group of New Jersey plaintiffs over $37 million in damages. This was just one of the latest verdicts against the New Brunswick, New Jersey based behemoth.

Johnson and Johnson are one of the biggest employers in New Jersey. So, this most recent verdict strikes close to home. Christopher Placitella, a Red bank attorney, represented D’Angella McNeill, one of the plaintiffs in this case.

McNeill was awarded damages in the amount of $14.7 million in the case. The other plaintiffs were Douglas and Roslyn Barden ($7.25 million), David and Darlene Etheridge ($9.45 million) and William and Elizabeth Ronning ($5.9 million).

Johnson and Johnson say they intend to appeal the decision. They said the judge was wrong for striking their closing argument. They also insist that their product does not contain asbestos.

All along, J & J has argued that their product does not cause cancer. Depending on the experts you talk to, this may be true or this may be false. However, enough juries have disagreed.

In Missouri, a jury awarded a group of plaintiffs $4.7 billion. Other large jury awards have been witnessed across the country.

If you’ve used Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder and believe it’s made you ill, you need to contact a mass tort lawyer immediately. Time is running out to file a claim against the manufacturer. If you believe their powder has made you sick, you may be entitled to damages.

If you or your loved one have suffered due to Johnson & Johnson, contact us today!

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