Johnson & Johnson Finally Pulls Talc-Based Powder from Shelves

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All it took was a few thousand lawsuits to get Johnson & Johnson to finally pull their talc-based baby powder from the shelves. Many stores did this on their own back in October of 2019. When the FDA announced that they had confirmed the presence of asbestos in a bottle of the dangerous powder, many retailers decided they’d had enough. Pharmacies such as CVS pulled the product from their shelves and refused to sell the product.

Despite allegations of their product causing cancer, Johnson & Johnson continues to insist that their product is safe. The reason the FDA recommended the recall last fall was because someone bought a bottle of baby powder online and had it tested. The FDA confirmed through testing that the bottle did contain the cancer-causing agent asbestos.

Johnson & Johnson claims that they had independent labs run more than 15 tests on this same bottle and that they all came back negative for asbestos. However, they did decide this past week to pull the product from shelves in the U.S. and Canada.

Johnson & Johnson stated that they were not pulling the product because it was dangerous. Instead, they issued a statement that there simply wasn’t a demand for the product thanks to the litigation. They said they will continue to sell the product in other countries where they haven’t been sued.

Illinois Representative, Raja Krishnamoorthi, the Chairman of the Sub-committee on Economics and Consumer Policy say this is a win either way. They are thankful the product has been removed from the market here in the United States. They said this will help prevent more people from developing cancer from the dangerous powder.

Johnson & Johnson will continue to sell their cornstarch-based powder in the U.S.

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