Last Minute Talk in Ohio Opioid Case May Open Door to Huge Settlement

Hospitals Join Forces Against Opioid Manufacturers and Distributors

There is currently litigation pending filed by various counties all over the state in regards to the opioid crisis. Counties have banded together and filed suit against four (4) of the biggest opioid manufacturers in the country: Teva, AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health and McKesson.

The cases were set to go to trial, first in Ohio and then in Florida. However, at the last minute, the parties finally got together and agreed to terms. A late settlement is said to be for more than $260 million. This money is supposed to go to the county.

Part of the damages are meant to reimburse the county for money they’ve spent taking care of addicts. Part of the money is also supposed to be set aside to create a fund for future opioid victims to get treatment. The money is also to be used to reimburse hospitals for the millions of dollars they’ve spend taking care of people who have overdosed on heroin and fentanyl.

There are still 2,500 other cases pending across the United States. They all basically make the same allegations. According to the plaintiffs in these suits, the drug manufacturers are primarily responsible for pumping billions of pain pills onto the market. This has caused people to become addicted to worse opiates like heroin and fentanyl.

Most of the lawsuits filed are not asking for money damages. They’re asking that money be put into a fund to help reimburse overtaxed and overworked hospitals. It’s also to be used to help opiate addicts and their families.

If you or your loved one is battling an opioid addiction, call and talk to someone in our office. We can sit down and review your case.


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