North Carolina Judge Temporarily Halts Talc Lawsuits Against Johnson & Johnson

Concept photo: Talc lawsuits temporarily halted by NC judge

A judge in North Carolina has temporarily stopped the talc lawsuits against pharmaceutical giants Johnson & Johnson. The U.S. bankruptcy court Judge Craig Whitley delivered the ruling on Wednesday, November 10th. The ruling is a reprieve from the tens of thousands of claims for ovarian cancer J&J has been facing. 

Judge Whitley put the claims on hold for sixty days and directed that they get transferred to a federal court in New Jersey. The judge said New Jersey was “more fit” to hear the claims as it’s the location of Johnson & Johnson. In addition, a significant portion of the talc lawsuits against the company were filed in the state. 

Johnson & Johnson wanted the lawsuit to remain in North Carolina because the court has more experience with mass tort bankruptcies and because of favorable legal precedents. However, despite not being pleased with the transfer order, J&J maintains that they will keep working with all parties to seek an efficient and equitable resolution. 

This judgment comes weeks after J&J used the Texas Two-Step strategy to create LTL Management LLC. The move aims to separate the talc lawsuits from the parent company. If the company succeeds in moving the lawsuits to the management company that filed for bankruptcy, it will affect future claims against the adverse effects of talcum powder. 

However, those affected by the asbestos found in J&J talcum Baby Powder can still commence a lawsuit for compensation. The compensation process has several challenges, and you must be eligible to file. This is why we recommend working with mass tort attorneys. 

At Dalimonte Rueb Stoller, our mass tort lawyers will determine if you’re eligible for compensation and help you commence the process if you are. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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