Nearly $300 Million Already Awarded in Transvaginal Mesh Cases

Nearly $300 Million Already Awarded in Transvaginal Mesh Cases

Ever since 2012, when we learned that transvaginal mesh inserts are dangerous, more than 100,000 lawsuits have been filed. Most of these have been filed against the larger manufacturers, such as Johnson and Johnson. In fact, there are still more than 2,300 cases pending against Johnson and Johnson. The next closest defendant is Boston Scientific, with more than 1,750 cases still pending in court.

Of the 100,000 cases, many have been settled. After medical manufacturers have seen that juries are willing to award a ton of money to these plaintiffs, they became more willing to discuss settlements. One jury awarded as much as $68 million to a plaintiff and her husband. Mary McGinnis and her husband sued for damages related to her transvaginal mesh insert and got $68 million in damages. Over all, about 20,000 cases have settled for a total of about $830 million.

Some of the problems caused by the mesh inserts include:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Organ perforation
  • Bleeding

Thankfully, once the patient realizes there’s a problem. most of these issues can be resolved. However, it can be very painful and very expensive. And there’s no telling what the long-term problems may be. Only time will tell.

Currently, there are still 108,087 cases pending in court. A lot of these cases have been filed as part of multi-district litigation in West Virginia. The other defendants named in the suit, aside from Johnson and Johnson and Boston Scientific, are Baird and American Medical. Although these last two only make up about 1,000 of the cases. More than half are against J & J and Boston Scientific.

If you believe you’ve been injured by your transvaginal mesh insert, call our office right away.


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