New Development in Breast Cancer Treatment?


What are the leading drugs and breast cancer treatment cocktails is Taxotere, which comes with the risk of lifelong alopecia. Taxotere has faced quite a bit of scrutiny and a slew of lawsuits. Still, medical professionals choose to use it, knowing that it is an effective and aggressive form of treatment for breast cancer.

However, we may be able to wave goodbye to Taxotere for the last time and move forward. Although apitherapy is widely questioned among the scientific community, there does seem to be substantial evidence that specific honey bee products are killing breast cancer cells. This goes beyond the wellness Trend and looks specifically at bee venom, or melittin, and its role in oncology research. Unlike Wellness Brands, like goop that uses bee venom in controversial ways, this purpose of bee venom looks at the antitumoral effects on cancers, including leukemia, cervical cancer, glioblastoma, and breast cancer. It appears that on a molecular level, bee venom is impacting cancer by signaling pathways.

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research is leading the study on using honey bee venom to induce death in cancer cells. They’re working closely with the University of Western Australia, and their combined efforts have scientists dissecting exactly how the bee venom works and cell signaling pathways, which result in the body killing those cancer cells.

It’s an exciting advancement in breast cancer research, and it has the potential to impact other forms of cancer research and treatment as well. If we can get rid of Taxotere and similar chemotherapy drugs that deliver life-long pain and suffering, for something natural such as honey bees on them, it’s a step in the right direction. Hopefully, within the next year or two, we will have definitive information on the purpose or role of honey bee venom in Western medicine. If you’ve been a victim of Taxotere and its’ harmful side effects, contact our experienced mass tort attorneys today.


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