New Hampshire Now In on $60 Million National Settlement for Surgical Mesh


Atrium mesh may be facing the same issues as CR Bard. Surgical mesh manufacturers have faced numerous lawsuits over the last few years. Each state has chosen to participate in various capacities. New Hampshire is the newest to join in on the 60-million-dollar national settlement for surgical mesh associated with CR Bard.

CR Bard, now owned under the name of Becton Dickinson, is a New Jersey-based company that is facing a civil lawsuit for downplaying the risk of their surgical mesh devices. The Attorney Generals of 48th Street, now including the District of Columbia, have filed suit against Bard for purposefully downplaying the wrist. Last year, Bard earned over 17 billion dollars in revenue while the states are losing money through Medicaid and State Insurance health plans to cover damages resulting from surgical mesh implants. 

Surgical mesh is used in a variety of capacities, most commonly for hernia repair. This particularly troublesome use of Bard mesh, in this case, is for transvaginal surgical mesh implantation. The purpose of the implant is to treat urinary incontinence. However, many patients complained of pain during sexual intercourse, voiding dysfunction, and eroding of organs.

This isn’t the first time that Bard has faced troubles. They’ve also received individual claims from about 5,000 Federal cases and 13,000 additional Rhode Island cases. Bard stopped making this product in 2012 after losing 3.6 million in a single claim because of complications from the device.  However, Bard and Becton Dickinson deny all wrongdoing and reject any allegations included in the litigation. 

Atrium Medical Corp is also facing an onslaught of class action lawsuit and individual cases for the same issue with hernia mesh. The surgical devices are essentially the same. It is only the point of the implant, which is necessarily different. 

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