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Inguinal hernias are among the most common, and they typically play men. Now the president of the Americas Hernia Society, Dr. Benjamin Poulose, has acknowledged that we may not have moved the needle very much over a 30-year period.

In 1984 surgeons began introducing the idea of mesh-based repair and since then it’s become largely popularized with about 90% of hernia repair surgeries using the medical devices. Now, this certainly wasn’t the first time hernia mesh was used. That can be attributed to the surgeons in France back in 1944.  However, over the last 35 years or so when it comes to inguinal hernia repair mesh is the primary option that patients are given. It is difficult now to compare mesh with non-mesh repairs because mesh repairs are so common. Because of their commonality the statistics favor mesh based repairs as a reduced risk option but tension repairs or alternative surgeries aren’t popular enough to offer genuine insight.

The president of the Americas Hernia Society is encouraging that surgeons learn open autogenous repair options so that patients have the option of a non mesh repair. Avoiding mesh use can help patients avoid difficulties and challenges that arise with medical product defects.

Dr. Benjamin Poulose Acknowledge that much of what lead the medical community towards being so reliant on medical devices such as hernia mesh for surgeries and repairs is that the system evolved into a population health model. He explored the idea of a fee for value payment model, any idea that if given the opportunity many patients would request opting for the very ancient reality of using surgery without an instrument or medical device being left in their body.

What will this mean for the future of hernia repair? As the president speaks out on his views of patient needs and patient preferences, it’s possible but surgeons may consider revisiting older methods that proved effective for hernia repair. If you are the victim of a hernia, you should contact our experienced mass tort attorneys today.


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