Pharmacies Named in Ohio Opioid Lawsuits File Their Own Suit Against Ohio Doctors

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This past fall, two counties in Ohio filed suit against pharmacies and manufacturers for monies spent to treat the opioid crisis. The basis of the lawsuit, which now included over 2,000 plaintiffs, is that the defendants are responsible for the opioid crisis. They funneled millions of pain pills throughout the state and then did nothing to help people who became addicted to the drugs.

Some of the major pharmacies named in the lawsuits were Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and Walmart. They believe it was unfair that they were even named in the lawsuit because they only filled legitimate prescriptions provided by doctors. It’s not the pharmacists’ job to question whether the prescriptions should’ve been filled. And, they don’t believe it’s fair that no doctors were named in the county’s lawsuits.

Their response was to file their own lawsuit against more than 500 doctors in Ohio. While they haven’t named the 500 doctors, they are alleging that every doctor in Ohio that ever wrote a script for pain pills should be named in the county lawsuits as well.

The pharmacies argue that the initial lawsuits filed by Summit and Cuyahoga counties were just an effort to seek deep pockets. They figure they can get more money from drug manufacturers and pharmacies than individual doctors. They argue that the plaintiffs can’t name a single script that was filled by any of the defendant pharmacies that should not have been filled. They could have a point.

The trials for the Ohio cases are scheduled to start on October 13, 2020.

If you believe you have a legitimate claim against any of the defendants in the opioid crisis, call our experienced lawyers right away.


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