Bayer Bags Second Win in Roundup Cancer Case

Bayer bags second win in Roundup cancer case

Bayer got a second win in a Roundup cancer case. On Thursday, December 9th, a California jury found that the weedkiller did not cause the plaintiff’s non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Additionally, the San Bernardino County jury stated that Donnettta Stephens’ cancer was not a result of her exposure to Roundup.

Stephens was exposed to Roundup and its active ingredient, glyphosate, between 1985 to 2017. She sued Bayer for negligence, alleging they failed to warn her of the dangers of Roundup. In addition, the plaintiff blamed the jury’s decision on technical problems and long breaks, and the trial being conducted via Zoom. She hopes to appeal the judgment.

On the other hand, Bayer is quite pleased with the Roundup cancer case judgment, stating that the decision is consistent with the evidence. Stephens’ case is the fifth against Bayer’s Roundup to go to a trial verdict. The plaintiffs got tens of millions of dollars in the first three cases. However, Bayer got their first win in October, which also saw a rise in their stock price.

In May, the company said it would be more selective in settling cases and viewed Stephens’ settlement demands as unreasonable. Bayer has been facing lawsuits since it acquired Roundup as part of its acquisition of Monsanto in 2018. So far, the company has settled about 96,000 Roundup cases out of 125,000. The settlement sum runs into billions of dollars.

Also, Bayer appealed the first three verdicts it lost, with one of the appeals before the United States Supreme Court. If the court favors Bayer, their ruling could end all Roundup cases. In the meantime, those who believe their cancer came from prolonged exposure to Roundup’s glyphosate can still file lawsuits.

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