Scientist’s Testimony Tips the Scale of Justice in Favor of Roundup Herbicide Victim


The lawsuits against Monsanto’s effective Roundup herbicides do not appear to be going away soon, and the odds continue to favor the plaintiffs. Last week, on Thursday, August 12th, a former scientist with the United States government testified in favor of the plaintiff before a California jury. Christopher Portier said that considerable research conducted for several years shows an “almost certain” connection between Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicides and cancer.

Portier testified as an expert witness on behalf of plaintiff Donnetta Stephens. The scientist answered the question via Zoom on Thursday due to travel commitments, although he appeared in court earlier in the week. He had previously acted as a witness for three other plaintiffs in three prior Roundup trials where the plaintiffs claimed the herbicide made them develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

The scientist told jury members about studies on human cell lines and those conducted on laboratory animals, and studies of human exposure and disease incidence. He stated that a cancer connection was most potent in animal studies and supported by additional research.

Portier said he is confident that glyphosate can cause animal cancer tumors, including malignant lymphomas in mice. However, when asked if he believes Roundup exposure could cause non-Hodgkin lymphoma in people, he said he believes it does, although “The strength of that belief is almost certain but not quite sure.”

The testimony came in the same week that the 1st Appellate Court District in the Court of Appeal, California, denied Monsanto’s preemption argument in a separate case. Though the company maintains that its herbicide is safe, many more people who contracted cancer from prolonged exposure continue to win against it in court.

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