Two Shocking New Cases Against Zantac


It seems as though only a few weeks ago, Zantac was pulled from the shelves across the country. However, plaintiffs are still coming forward with cancer claims associated with the use of Zantac. While most cancer claims include stomach cancer, two recent claims are shocking in that they cite colon and pancreatic cancer developed from short-term use of Zantac.

One woman from Pennsylvania and another from Florida filed Zantac lawsuits earlier this month. In the South district of Florida, there is pending consolidated a Zantac litigation. There are still open Zantac lawsuits in pretrial or pending across the country. Both women Hold Zantac as responsible for the development of the different types of cancer.

The woman from Pennsylvania Is filing on behalf of a deceased family member. She’s representing the deceased and claims that the victim took Zantac only as directed and that he would not have continued use of the drug if he knew the risks of cancer. The victim died as a result of cancer in August of 2019.

The woman from Florida states that she’s taken Zantac for nearly two decades in varying doses but did follow directions on the box. She notes that she was advised to start taking Zantac regularly to reduce her stomach acid. In 2018 she received a diagnosis for stage 3 colon cancer, which resulted in a large section of her colon being removed In addition to six months of chemotherapy treatments.

Both parties note that Zantac’s lack of transparent advertising led to continued use of the drug. Both also state that if they were aware of the risks, then The Florida woman and the Pennsylvania victim would have discontinued use.

Both parties are seeking compensation as well as punitive damages for Zantac’s negligence. Recent alerts from pharmacies around the country helped the FDA identify the cancer-causing component in Zantac and led to Zantac coming off the shelves. If you’re a victim of this drug, contact our experienced mass tort attorneys today.


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