U.S. Supreme Court Ask for Government Views on Roundup Case

Concept photo: USSC asks for government views on Roundup lawsuits

The United States Supreme Court asked for federal government views on Roundup lawsuits. On Monday, December 13th, the court asked President Biden’s administration opinion on whether they should allow Bayer’s bid to dismiss claims by people who claim its Roundup weed killer causes cancer. 

Bayer is trying to avoid paying damages that could run into millions of dollars. In August, the company filed a petition with the Supreme Court to reverse the judgment of a lower court that awarded $25 million in damages to Edwin Hardeman, a California resident. Hardeman blamed Roundup’s glyphosate content for his cancer. 

Since the petition, Bayer and the plaintiffs’ have been waiting for the Supreme Court’s decision. The U.S. administration is yet to respond, but Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar will file a brief on the government views on Roundup in the coming month. Bayer appears pleased with the announcement, stating that it shows that the justices are interested in hearing a case. 

The company noted that the government has consistently found that people can use glyphosate-based herbicides safely, and they are not carcinogenic. Bayer added that a cancer warning would be false, misleading, and misrepresent the product. So far, Bayer has lost three appeals against verdicts that favored Roundup users. 

In those judgments, the jury awarded the plaintiffs tens of millions of dollars. Bayer’s only hope now is to get the conservative Supreme Court, which has a pro-business reputation, to rule in their favor. If they do, current and future plaintiffs in Roundup lawsuits may lose their right to compensation. 

In the meantime, Roundup users who have developed cancer can file lawsuits to get compensation. Learn about the process from our mass tort lawyers at Dalimonte, Rueb, and Stoller, LLP. 

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