Wrongful Death Suit Filed Against Tesla for Door Handle Defect

Picture of a blue Tesla on a highway

A South Florida man died last week when the Tesla Model-S he was driving caught fire so a wrongful death suit was filed against Tesla. The blue car was driven by 48-year old Omar Awan when he lost control of the car and crashed into a palm tree. The car’s lithium ion battery ended up catching fire, causing Awan and the car to become engulfed in smoke and flames.

Awan died as a result of his injuries. However, his family said his death wasn’t caused by crashing into the tree. Instead, they argued that he died due to a defect in the car’s futuristic design.

The Tesla Model-S has door handles that aren’t visible while you’re driving the car. When the car senses that a key fob is nearby, the door handles magically appear. This is just one of the many futuristis and technologically advanced features of the car.

When the rescue crew arrived at the scene, Awan was still alive. He was on fire, from his feet up and was suffocating due to the intense smoke inside the car. The rescuers were not able to open the car to pull the victim out of the car because the door handles malfunctions. They had absolutely no way to open the car doors. Instead, they had to stand there and watch poor Omar Awan burn to death.

Awan is said to have died from suffocation and intense burns. His family has since filed a wrongful death suit against the manufacturer of the car. They allege that the car has a flawed design that ended up killing their loved one.

Awan purposely bought the car because he believed it was safe and environmentally friendly. In fact, Tesla announced that their car was the safest of any car tested that year. Instead of buying another car, Awan went ahead and leased the Tesla Model-S in 2016.

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