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After thousands upon thousands of injuries and dozens of deaths, some action against Bayer has finally been taken. Conceptus was the original manufacturer and distributor of Essure, but Bayer subsequently acquired it. Essure is a type of implanted birth control that has an effect on the fallopian tubes and creates scar tissue. San Francisco Essure lawsuit attorneys are fully aware of the device’s design and implantation that has had a massive impact on women all around the world.

Sadly, the device comes with severe health risks, and Bayer chose to withhold this information from its clients and the medical community. By working alongside defective drug and medical device lawyers, you can find out more about the different aspects of the device’s implantation and design, which may impact your case. In case you have been using Essure and suffered an injury, you should consider reaching out to our San Francisco mass tort lawyers to find out more about how we can offer our assistance.

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Essure Statistics

From the inception of Essure back in 2002, the devices’ approval depended on the promise of future research. Unfortunately, these so-called future studies were never conclusive. Still, the extensive usage of the devices has uncovered a number of findings that may be of interest in lieu of the studies.

There were 30,000+ formal reports or complaints launched by consumers to Conceptus, Inc. in the first ten years of its usage. But even with a barrage of problems, they failed to inform the medical community, FDA, or their clients. Not warning the public concerning these issues is a significant constituent in Essure suits.

Bayer, who is currently the manufacturer of Essure, claims that the equipment is 99.84 effective in preventing pregnancy. However, a journal for the field, Contraception, stated that the claims had been exceptionally blown out of proportion. Implantation entails an array of factors that can significantly impact the potentiality of an unplanned pregnancy. Inaccurate placement of the device can result in an unexpected pregnancy and incomplete blockage.

Considering that Conceptus surveyed patients ranging from 22 to 44 years, they can’t give clear statistics on its usage. What’s more, following a five-year window, there wasn’t any follow-up.

Has Bayer Had Lawsuits Filed Against Them For Essure?

There were more than 16,000 lawsuits filed against Conceptus Inc and Bayer. Women that sustained abdominal damage because of the birth control device are the plaintiffs. The damage may have resulted when the device broke or fractured and then advanced to the reproductive organs.

Lawyers argue that if the patients and medical practitioners were informed about the risk properly, an alternative birth control form would have opted. Other long-term birth control options include hysterectomy, tubal fulguration, application of clips, salpingectomy, or tubal ligation.

What Are Some Risks From Essure?

The FDA has gathered vital information concerning the risks affiliated with the use of Essure. Short-term risks may include vaginal bleeding, back discomfort, cramping, and pain.

A woman discussing her Essure complications with an attorney.

But the long-term risks are way more serious. Some of the risks are:

  • Unintended pregnancy
  • Ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy occurring outside the uterus wall and is very fatal)
  • Movement of the device
  • Obesity
  • Puncture of the fallopian tubes or uterus
  • Allergic reaction because of the device
  • Autoimmune disease symptoms
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain

When the Essure implant fractures and migrates, chances are the patient in question will need to undergo multiple surgeries. The device’s removal from the body will be invasive and may end up requiring a hysterectomy. The whole reason why women opt for Essure is to avoid having their uterus removed.

Given how the FDA has gotten more than 26,000 Essure failure reports from 200s, it has necessitated them to take action against the device. Women have made most of the reports have spoken out voluntarily expressing their claim against Essure devices they had implanted, thinking it would be safe.

Common issues associated with Essure implants include weight fluctuation, menstruation irregularities or heavier menstruation, migration of the device, device breakage, headaches, and pain.

Essure Warnings & Recalls

In September of 2015, FDA initiated proceedings by meeting up with the panel of Obstetrics and Gynecology Devices under the Medical Devices Advisory Committee. They talked over clinical and scientific alternatives, consumer experiences, and more about the Essure equipment. The conclusion was that Bayer was to conduct their own market survey. Categorically, Bayer would have to do a surveillance study regarding the advantages and risks of Essure usage.

In November of 2016, further action against Bayer was done by the FDA needing it to put a block box on their Essure packages displaying warnings about abdominal pain, perforation, and other complications.
2018 brought with it massive traction against Bayer and Conceptus. First off, the FDA in April restricted Essure sales to medical practitioners who agreed to inform their consumers about the use of the device and its associated risks. By July, Bayer declared they would stop all Essure sales.

Can I Get Reimbursed if I File a Lawsuit Against Essure?

In case you’ve sustained an injury as a result of the Essure device in San Francisco, CA, chances are you’ll get some form of reimbursement if you take legal action. When filing a suit against Bayer, you’ll pursue damages for:

  • Past and future medical costs
  • Past and future pain as well as suffering caused by the defective device
  • Wage loss if you were away from work receiving treatment linked to the Essure device
  • Economic losses related to your injuries
  • When appropriate, Punitive damages

How Much Can I Get From My Settlement?

There have not been any class action settlements done by Essure manufacturers Bayer or Conceptus, Inc. It takes years to resolve litigations of this type and may depend on teams of attorneys working around millions of dollars as they establish what precisely happened. What’s more, these attorneys will be required to prove how the scenario could have been prevented.

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