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How do You File a Hernia Mesh Claim in Washington, D.C.?

There are commercials on every day for hernia mesh lawsuits. Lawyers get on tape and tell us they can get us millions of dollars from the big bad medical companies. Sadly, this isn’t how these cases work in the real world.

In reality, things are a bit different. Mass tort cases are filed against the biggest and most powerful medical companies in the world. They involve complex medical issues. Some of these cases can take years to get filed.

As difficult and as complicated as they are, mass tort cases can be quite lucrative. They get justice for patients who are injured by defective medical products. And they get you compensation for your injuries.

Lately, hernia mesh lawsuits have been on the rise. Quite simply, it is a material used in hernia repair surgeries. A hernia is caused when your intestines bulge through a weak spot on your hernia wall. Doctors plug the hole with the hernia mesh. It’s the same principle as patching a leak in your tire.

But hernia mesh has been found to have its problems. They’ve been found to cause many medical issues for hernia patients. Mass tort lawyers in Washington, D.C. Have handled dozens of these hernia mesh claims.

Can Mass Tort Lawyers in Washington, D.C. Prove Hernia Mesh Injured their Clients?

In hernia repair surgeries, the mesh is used to support the hernia tissue. This helps prevent future tears and hernias. It also speeds up recovery time. Studies show that about 90% of all groin hernia repairs involve hernia mesh.

Every year, over 800,000 patients receive hernia mesh in this country. Unfortunately, many of these patients will experience negative side effects from the mesh. It’s actually estimated that about 50,000 of these people will have to file legal claims against Bard, the largest manufacturer of hernia mesh.

We’re slowly learning that some of the materials used in a hernia mesh dangerous for humans. It’s not just a matter of safety – it’s about whether or not the manufacturers fully tested their products. Over the last 15 years, thousands of patients have reported complications from their hernia mesh.

Some of these complications include:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Migration
  • Performance of tissues and organs
  • Adhesions

If you had a hernia mesh and have experienced any medical issues, you should contact a Washington, D.C. mass tort attorney.


Why is Hernia Mesh Still on the Market?

It makes sense to wonder why these products are still on the market. Clearly, they’re dangerous. They cause issues for so many people. You’d think at some point, they’d be pulled from the market. However, they’re still used in over 90% of all hernia surgeries. Despite the dangers caused by the mesh, it’s still on the market in most countries.

Johnson and Johnson made several varieties of their hernia mesh. After many warnings from the FDA, Johnson and Johnson did take one version of their mesh off the market. However, they continue to push their products.

Until the it is taken off the market, there will continue to be lawsuits. The product is proven to be dangerous. The manufacturers and doctors are aware of this. So are mass tort lawyers in Washington, D.C.


Washington D.C. Mass Tort Lawyers Handle Many Hernia Mesh Cases

A lot of the hernia mesh cases have already settled. Others have been dismissed and still, others are pending in the courts. A few major class action suits are awaiting trial in the U.S.

Major litigation still pending include:

  • Bard – Darol Division: The two main Bard products included in these lawsuits are the Composix E/X and the Composix LIP. The company has already paid out hundreds of millions in settled cases. There are many federal cases pending with over 1,800 plaintiffs. And, on top of that, there are individual and class action lawsuits pending against Bard in many states.
  • Johnson and Johnson (Ethicon) – The division of Johnson and Johnson that makes hernia mesh is called Ethicon. There are close to 1,500 federal lawsuits pending against Johnson and Johnson. The litigation is being handled out of Georgia. The company expects to be named in many more state and federal lawsuits in the coming years. In fact, the first trial isn’t even scheduled to start until fall of 2019. Although they haven’t manufactured the greatest number of hernia mesh, they are the most popular named Defendant. This is because the name brings a lot of recognition in the public.
  • Atrium Medical – This company makes a hernia mesh called C-QUR. There are only about 500 lawsuits filed against Atrium. Most of these cases are filed out of New Hampshire. But, like the other defendants, they can expect to face more suits as time goes on.

For the convenience of the courts and the parties, most mass tort cases are handled as class actions. A handful of attorneys represent all the parties at once. The outcome of the case will be the same for all involved. It saves the plaintiffs, defendants, and courts money and time. If they had to try cases in every state, it would take forever and cost millions.


If You’ve Been Injured by a Hernia Mesh, Contact a Washington, D.C. Mass Tort Attorney

If you or your child have been injured by a hernia mesh, you need to contact a mass tort attorney in Washington, D.C. You only have so long to file your claim. If you miss your window of opportunity, you may be forever barred from filing your claim.

Call and schedule your free initial consultation today. Your attorney will review your case and let you know what it may be worth. The insurance companies and manufacturers have attorneys working for them. You should too.

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