Roundup Cancer Victims Scrutinize Proposed Settlement Offer

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The proposed settlement offer made by Bayer AG is under heavy scrutiny from Roundup cancer victims. A news report disclosed that the plaintiffs in a mass tort claim against the company called on a federal judge to reject the proposed settlement. The contentious settlement aims to allow Bayer to continue selling the herbicide while limiting […]

Can You Still Use Roundup, or Has It Been Banned?


These are very trying times for Monsanto, the producers of Roundup herbicide. Roundup, their star product, is facing some heated ban and recall calls. It gets worse. There are multiple lawsuits around the US against their herbicide. In light of all these, it’s vital to know whether you can continue using Roundup or whether it […]

Am I Eligible To File a Roundup Lawsuit?

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If you’re a farmer, landscaper, or agricultural scientist, you already know how much weeds impede plant growth. Weeds grow faster than cultivated plants and choke the life out of them. Many herbicides and pesticides are available to contain the spread of weeds and diseases. Among the most effective herbicides is Roundup. Many people have described […]

You May be Able to Sue the Producers of Roundup Herbicide


Roundup is a herbicide. So, you must be wondering why you may have a lawsuit against its producers. You’re probably puzzled because we know that herbicides mainly affect only plants, and this is mostly true. However, if your favorite herbicide manufacturer uses a carcinogen in producing the herbicide, you may be at risk of cancer. […]

Proper Use of RoundUp and Cancer Risks


Roundup is the well-known weed killer and has been running advertisements for both household and commercial-grade use for decades. But what is the proper use of Roundup? Is it possible to have the same effect from natural alternatives? And why is Roundup such a serious cancer risk when other pesticides and weed killers seem to […]

RoundUp: Why Is It So Bad?

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Most people now have grown up with commercials for RoundUp and know it as the effective, and go-to weed killer for any yard. But, why are people striking out against RoundUp, and what exactly should you know about the ingredient Glyphosate? Now, inherently you can assume that Roundup is bad because it’s a pesticide, and […]

What You Need to Know About Roundup Cases

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Roundup is a non-selective herbicide commonly used to kill weeds. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is inhibiting a specific enzyme required for plant growth. By 2001, the Roundup weed killer was the most popular ingredient in American agriculture. Even today, Roundup is the most extensively used herbicide in the United States and worldwide. Scientific […]

How Likely Are Settlements in Roundup Cases?

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Bayer, the parent company of Monsanto, is in mediation to possibly settle thousands of Roundup lawsuits. But as Reuters reports, some legal experts are uncertain whether these cases can easily be resolved. They cite the potential for novel legal questions that could drag out settlements in the Roundup cases. To date, Bayer has lost three […]

Monsanto Allegedly Intimidated Companies Researching the Risks of Glyphosate and RoundUp

Monsanto Allegedly Intimidated Companies Doing Research Into Roundup

Most people are aware of the litigation currently pending against Monsanto, the manufacturers, and distributors of RoundUp weed killer. Even if you’re not very familiar with the case, you’ve probably seen commercials about the lawsuits on television. Research into Roundup shows the active ingredient, glyphosate, could be a carcinogen. Basically, thousands of cases have been […]

Roundup Risks May Go Beyond Cancer

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An Oakland jury recently awarded $2 billion in a verdict against Monsanto concerning its popular Roundup weed killer. The jury determined that a couple had developed cancer after years of exposure to the herbicide. Scientists and other health experts have warned for years that the active ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, poses a significant risk of […]